18 February 2008

I thought maybe I should actually add something to this blog before I'm officially a sad ex-BVS lurker. Which gives me 48 hours.

(By the way, I saw the headlines about Kosovo declaring independence and hope someone in that region can give us a local perspective. I.e. what does that really mean anyway?)

I have been realizing this past week now that I'm leaving Belfast just how much of a life one can establish in a year. And I am going to miss mine in Belfast. The city itself takes a bit of getting used to, but its odd idiosyncrasies and its uniqueness grew on me. It's a sort-of confused wannabe European metropolis. And I really like that about it.

I thought maybe a few photos would be a fitting way of showing my life in Belfast. Or some of it.

Murals are a very common in Belfast and L'Derry on both sides of the political divide. It may sound odd to an outsider, but many of us have "favourite" ones. Creepy, I know.

The two collusion murals (from Republican/Catholic communities) are in neighbourhoods I work in, and the Freedom Fighters one from Sandy Row (obviously Loyalist) is from downtown.

Everytime I drive by them (especially the ones with scary dead people and guns) I think "What must it be like to grow up with that outside your window? Or one your house?"
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