27 November 2009

My first few days!

So it turns out that outside my window isn't bird suburbia at all but mistletoe. Some of the other things I have learned in the last two days are:
  • The bus is extremely packed at 5pm... I read an English magazine over someone's shoulder today.
  • Ikea is under 20 minutes from my house and EXACTLY the same as back home. I bought a $3 pillow and a $15 duvet cover.
  • A delicious, fresh sandwich made just down the street from my office is 4 Canadian dollars... A Gyros is even less.
  • Our washer drains onto our floor - Hooray for the bonding moment for my roommate and I as we cleaned up a HUGE puddle of water.
  • In banks you take a number and wait to be called... This wait can be mere seconds or an hour.
  • People say "See Ya" to say both hello and good bye. This of course is just what I hear and say back... I doubt this is how it is spelt.
  • The ketchup here is delicious... I can't say the same about the mayonnaise.
  • I live above a place where non-profit groups have office space. There is a choir that meets there, a ski (or ice-skating) club and last but not least an association for people who... wait for it... Oh this is sooo good... TRAIN CARRIER PIGEONS! Can you believe it? CARRIER PIGEONS!!
-- Jill writing from WSCF in Budapest, Hungary

24 November 2009

okc Abrašević

Long time BVS post OKC Abrašević arose as a center for youth in post-war Mostar... here is a short video which shows the progress they made in renovating literally a ruin from scratch and founding Youth Cultural Center Abrašević!