21 April 2011

New Project in France

Here's a new placement in France:

Esteville, France.
The Abbé Pierre Emmaüs Center seeks a Volunteer to play an active role primarily for the Abbé Pierre Emmaüs Museum (about solidarity, hunger and homelessness) which will open in July 2011, and secondly for the Accommodation Center for homeless people ("La Halte Emmaüs d'Esteville") which houses 30 persons. Duties include helping to improve our museum services such as visitors' reception, bookshop, etc. (these will comprise two-thirds of the volunteer's working time), as well as relating with the persons in difficulty we receive (workshops and other activities, perhaps teaching English), and assisting with domestic tasks (gardening, cooking, cleaning, or other tasks, according to his/her skills and interests). Requirements: communicative, basic-to-good level of French and willingness to learn more, independence, ability to work in a team, ability to see what needs to be done, willingness to take on responsibilities if needed. www.centre-abbe-pierre-museum.org

(If you'd like to see more information, please contact me at brethrenservice@worldcom.ch.)