12 October 2009

Another Volunteer Opportunity in Germany

In addition to the list of European volunteer projects below which are available now, here's another one for Germany:

1028. Hamburg, Germany
“Brot und Rosen,” an intentional Christian community of core members living in and around a house of hospitality for homeless refugees in need, seeks a Live-in Volunteer to share daily life and household duties of the community. Tasks include cooking, cleaning, weekly community meetings, answering phone and door, talking with the guests in the community. There are children living in the household (German and refugee), and the community would appreciate openness for children and in taking part at times in child-care duty. The volunteer is encouraged to participate in additional community activities and to seek another volunteer activity outside the community one day a week. Requirements: Basic knowledge of and willingness to learn German well, desire to live in ecumenical Christian multi-cultural community and participate in daily morning devotions, maturity, flexibility, ability to structure one's day in a community household, interest in peace and justice issues, acceptance of people of the Muslim faith (most of the house guests).
Additional Information (PDF)