14 January 2013

Volunteering in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Here's a BVS project opening in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. For additional information, please contact me at brethrenservice@worldcom.ch or see www.brethrenvolunteerservice.org

#1110: Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Abrasevic Youth Cultural Center believes that positive change is possible in post-war Mostar and offers programs and resources to promote social change, develop civil society and a cultural scene in the city and region.

Website: http://www.okcabrasevic.org/
OKC Abrasevic is a youth cultural center which started in 2003 as a response to the need for an active and safe space in post-war Mostar.  It offers youth a place for creative expression, cultural education, and open-minded social discussion. Abrasevic currently consists of a cafĂ©; an Info Center for HIV/AIDS education; Abart, which uses art to address the issue of divided cities; and AbrasMEDIA, our in-house media center.  AbrasMEDIA includes a news web portal (www.abrasmedia.info) and video production activities (available on the Youtube AbrasMedia channel).  Each of these projects offers programs and resources to promote social change as well as develop civil society and a vibrant cultural scene in the city and region. Regular activities include cultural events (films, concerts, exhibitions, and performances), festivals, and forums.  International Volunteers are welcome and are expected to find their own place in the Abrasevic community as they become more familiar with the center.  Requirements: Good communication and interpersonal skills, willingness to learn the local language, general computer skills, high level of autonomy/independence, flexibility, adaptability, patience, ability to work under stress as well as to enjoy relaxed social atmosphere.  Other useful skills: Education and/or experience in the fields of finance/accounting, management, computer technology, cultural activities, fundraising, video, radio, journalism, graphic design, IT/web maintenance.