18 February 2008

(Apparently there is a limit on the number of photos in a post, so I had to split mine into two. Sorry!)

These other pictures give you a small sense of what security is like here in Belfast.

The other day I saw a big billboard that read "There are now more 'peace walls' in Belfast than ever before." The view from my house into west Belfast is a perfect illustration. See that long wall? That's what the locals call the "Million Brick Wall" and it separates Protestant and Catholic communities. The big white building is the local police barracks. Like most peace walls in Belfast, they have had to add height to it to keep mischief-makers from throwing things over.

This is a picture of a roundabout I drive in almost everyday. It is very near Allison’s house! CCTV cameras are EVERYWHERE here, and they obviously don’t care how much of an eyesore they are.

As for personal security, people are serious about guarding theirs homes (for good reason). This is what is referred to as "anti-climbing paint" here in Belfast. There are actually walls that are signposted "This wall is treated with anti-climbing paint." What they mean is: “watch out, thief, there is glass here.”

Serrated wire gets the jobs done, too. By the way, I took these pictures in the south of Belfast, i.e. the "nice" side of town. :-)

I think that's all for now. You'll have to excuse me, but now I must go try to make my life fit into two suitcases and a carry-on. It's so sad that I'm finding it difficult, as I arrived with only one suitcase and a carry-on.

All the best, or as they say here in Belfast:

Cheerio, yousens! Yer doin' ma head in, ya bunch of nutters.
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