22 October 2013

Welcoming New Volunteers to BVS in Europe

It’s kind of discouraging that there are so many available BVS projects here in Europe and so few BVS volunteers!  I know I moan about this regularly and there are obviously many factors for the situation. But right now I’m very happy to have welcomed Julia Schmidt (going to a new placement in Osijek, Croatia). 


Last month we welcomed Andrew Kurtz (for Quaker Cottage in Belfast), Stephanie Barras (for OKC Abrasevic in Mostar), and Megan Haggerty (to a new placement, Enable, in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland). 

And a year ago, Kirsten Stopher (for the new project ACAPE in Esteville, France)  and Hannah Monroe (for L’Arche Belfast): 

And of course Margaret Hughes, who arrived at the L'Arche Community in Cork over a year ago!  


Katie said...

thanks for all that you do, Kristin-- your work is changing lives!! it changed my life :)

Kristin Flory said...

thank you, too, Katie!