21 June 2013

"merci, plus s'il vous plaît"

This is yesterday's comment from BVSer Kirsten Stopher who works at the Association-Centre Abbé Pierre Emmaüs in Esteville, France:

Today I gathered some of the heberge to help me clean the chalet because it is being rented this weekend. One of the men who is physically handicapped and walks with a cane asked me if there were things he could come and help us do. I honestly could not think of anything that would be easy for him to do but I told him he could come along with us if he wanted.

When we got into the chalet I listed off the things I needed to have done and told everyone to choose what they wanted and get to it. To my surprise, each and every person found something they could do. When we took a break to come back to the house to eat lunch I overheard the man who walks with the cane proudly telling my coworkers the things he did to help us in the chalet. He didn't do much but he did what he could and he was included in the group. That is the spirit of Emmaüs :)

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