28 September 2011

One does what one can

It was a cold, cloudy day as the knight saw the little sparrow, lying on its back in the middle of the path. Remaining in the saddle, he looked at the fragile creature and asked: "What are you doing, lying there on your back?"
"I heard that today the sky is going to fall."
The knight laughed: "And your twig-thin legs are going to hold it up?"
"One does what one can," answered the little sparrow.

One of the current European BVSers shares this story on various occasions...

Last week was rough.
Some of the volunteers here are leaving earlier than planned. Although I'm the volunteer's advocate, I felt like I'm on a tightrope sometimes between BVSer and project.
I'll be interviewing 5-6 new people in the just-started orientation seminar in the USA and am getting geared up for that.
One big congregation in the USA requested CoB program staff to explain what we're doing about differing opinions on human sexuality, the peace position, and women's leadership, before they decide on continuing donations to the denomination's ministries.
The UK Borders Agency suddenly and yet again shifted website information and links and all of that UK visa stuff.
And our BVS director's mother died.

One does what one can.

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