07 December 2009

BVSers in Bosnia (and Herzegovina)

This year's trip to the Balkans didn't include a regional BVS gathering but I visited a bunch of projects and the two volunteers in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Here's my "night hawks" version of the OKC Abrasevic project in Mostar. (You can see its progression over the years in one of Katie's posts below.)

So I continue to annoy the BVSers with my camera...
(There should actually have been a shot of rakija on the table along with the coffee. This is Katie in Mostar (on the right).

And we bid a fond farewell to Jen (left) whose new project in Sarajevo more or less fell apart just a few months after she arrived (and since she'd previously had to speedily leave her project in Serbia due to visa problems) - best wishes for a new start back in the USA!

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Kristin Flory said...

Maybe I should clarify that Jen departed from her project in Serbia, but she had to leave Serbia speedily because of Serbian visa stuff.