30 March 2009

Word from Kilcranny (finally)

After the Irish/N. Irish local retreat this past weekend I decided I would buckle down and finally submit something for the blog.

So, here is a photo I took in February this year. These are a cluster of crocus coming up under a tree overlooking Kilcranny. The tree is situated by a several run-down buildings including a potting shed which was once used by the lady who owns the farm land surrounding Kilcranny.

I've been told this area was a beautiful garden several years ago- the woman tended it all the time and the paths were completely weed-free. As it is wild now, I never would have guessed there were paths (least of all weed-free). This is one of my favorite places at Kilcranny- it felt like I was discovering some sort of secret garden the first time I explored around this area

Another favorite spot of mine is a grouping of trees growing by the beginning of Cranagh Road. I have a really vivid memory of them as Pauline (my Vol. Coord.) drove me (and Heather too) home from the airport- the night I arrived in NI. they are on a small rise, so, as you approach them they are the only thing you see on the horizon in front of you. I lost my chance to take a good photo of them last year before the buds came- I especially like them in the winter. I love their well-defined shape, you can tell how the wind has shaped them just a bit. The photo looks a bit hazy, but I'm a bit unsure how to use this program...... or should I say programme??

It's getting late, and I am planning a baking adventure- bye!

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