13 March 2009

Spring time in Alkmaar?

Hi everyone,

Hope you are enjoying a little spring time weather, and that some of you will be getting together soon for Easter. We have been busy here this month at IFOR with sending my colleague Isabelle to meet with the President of Liberia to work on women's rights issues sponsored by the Dutch Government (I just put Isabelle's article up this morning on our website).

You may remember that as publications editor I do a quarterly "eZine," the organization's flagship communiqué. I solicit articles from all over the world, and then do a lot of editing, ha! Each issue of IFOR in Action focuses on a different region of the world, and this time it was The Americas. I'm mentioning this because I received a few articles on our recent US election and Barack Obama, that I found not to be what I expected.

To do this work, publications, editing and websites, I need the most advanced computer we have at IFOR. I've made some complaints lately about the computer I had, so yesterday they bought me a new, much more powerful pc and new software. I would have say they are treating me fairly well here in the Netherlands...

But then again, being a BVSer, I try not to ask for much, ha!

Wish you a wonderful weekend!


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