18 February 2009

Volunteering in Germany

Here are three of the seven project openings we have listed for Germany. For more info, please see the contact details in the 2 previous blog entries.

612. Tecklenburg, Germany

BVS placements are available at some of the many L'Arche communities in Europe. L’Arche invites Assistants to come and share life with people with intellectual disabilities – building a community where everyone is valued regardless of ability, creed or culture. The Tecklenburg community in northwest Germany has three houses. Requirements: 21 years old; open to living with people of varying abilities in a community where God is recognized as the source of life and difference is seen as a gift; accepting of people of different cultures, social origins, and practices; driver's license helpful but not essential. www.arche-deutschland.de

1131. Minden, Germany

The International Fellowship of Reconciliation IFOR - is an organization of people believing in non-violence as a lifestyle and as a method of personal, political, and social change. The German branch of IFOR - Internationaler Versoehnungsbund, Deutscher Zweig – would like to give young interested people the opportunity to learn about peace work in Germany and seeks an International Volunteer to work in the national office in Minden. Duties include assistance in, preparation of, and participation in the annual conference, board meetings, summer camps, youth gatherings and other events, as well as support of projects and campaigns. Requirements: Nonviolent convictions; ability to work in a team as well as alone; basic computer skills/knowledge (at least Word, and Excel and/or graphics programs welcomed); prior knowledge of spoken and written German would be helpful, but not essential - if the volunteer is willing and motivated to learn the language at the start of term; communication skills; flexibility, initiative and creativity. Experience in public relations and/or event planning useful. www.versoehnungsbund.de

1822. Bonn, Germany

Germanwatch, a non-profit north-south initiative engaged in directing German political policy towards sustainability (motto: "to change the north so that the south can survive"), striving for a political framework to combat global warming, for a fair world trading regime, and increased socially responsible investment, seeks a Program Assistant. The main field of work would be in the global warming program (climate responsibility campaign). Duties include co-organizing campaign events and expert meetings, writing/translating/correcting English texts, and daily routine office work. Depending on skills, additional duties are possible. Requirements: College degree or higher, good knowledge of German and willingness to improve, good command of written English, computer skills, willingness to do routine office work about one-third of the time, ability to work independently and in a team. Strong interest in (and good basic knowledge of) at least one of the following topics: global warming, global governance, north-south politics, WTO, financial markets. www.germanwatch.org

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