17 January 2008

Welcome to our BVS Europe blog!

Hello out there and welcome to our unofficial “BVS in Europe” blog. In case you are unfamiliar with the organization, you can look at the official Brethren Volunteer Service website (posted on the left) and see what it’s all about. The volunteer placements in Europe are concentrated in a few areas like Northern Ireland, Ireland, and some of the Balkan countries, but also in Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, and France. We have connected to about 25 organizations working on peace and reconciliation and justice issues, community relations, working with young people, children, people with disabilities, the homeless and refugees. Some of the organizations are faith-based, some are not. Some of the volunteers work in offices, others in centers; some live in communities or on-site. The volunteers – all are from North America - stay for one or two years.

I coordinate the program in Europe and am based in Geneva, Switzerland. If anyone wants more information, you can contact me at

The blog will be a way for the current volunteers to share stories about their project work and locations and whatever else they want to talk about! Happy reading…

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